Sample Packs

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Sherman 808 - 808 Kick Processed w/ Sherman Filterbank Unit

294 distorted, harmonically rich kicks. Demo Ableton project file included. Purchase via Bandcamp or Gumroad

I ran a TR-808 kick through my Sherman Filterbank unit and recorded the chaos. The result is 294 blown out, harmonically rich, hard af one-shot samples that can be utilised to create thundering kicks, percussive bass sounds, acidic leads, and plucky FM sequences. 

Some of the best material exists after the transient when the Sherman self-oscillates, creating tails of feedback that re-triggers its internal envelopes. 

Suited for techno, house, gabber, hard trance & other hard electronic music styles. 


  • 294 distorted one-shot kick samples
  • example Ableton live project & demo track 
  • example instrument for bass/leads [compatible with Ableton live only] 
  • total 15 minutes of sampled material 

Haptic Feedback: Textures & FX - Generative FM & Granular Synthesis

142 textural scapes, glitched-out fx, plucky melodic sequences, and percussive hits. Demo Ableton project file included. Purchase via Bandcamp or Gumroad

This pack is basically a ‘best of’. It’s a sound design time capsule showcasing all of the hours spent between actually writing music. Messing about with generative software, creating nonsense non-repetitive MIDI streams, feeding back soft synths, and resampling until eventually all that’s left is the prickly veneer (read: texture) of what once was.

I thought this pack lent itself to SOPHIE / Iglooghost / Flume / PC Music’s sound so I tried my best to recreate an amalgamation of that. I always slap the Bad Decisions acapella on my tracks just for fun so I’m glad that it’s finally found a semi-permanent home.

Suited for kinaesthetic-pop, glitch, future bass, and other experimental, pop electronic styles.


  • 142 individual samples
  • Risers, textures, sweeps, ambience, hits, percussion, sequences
  • Bad Decisions/Panda demo track
  • Ableton Live project file for both demos